Introducing the all new Patent Pending

Pull Cord Buddy

Canadian Made

Are you like the many who experience difficulty using the pull cord to start your gas powered lawn mower or single stage snow blower? 
Wait! Don’t get rid of it until you try the Pull Cord Buddy!
Add the patent pending Pull Cord Buddy kit to your lawn mower or single stage snow blower and transfer the strain from your arm to your foot!
(As with any moving equipment,  please use at your own risk. Pull Cord Buddy assumes no responsibility for misuse or incorrect installation.)

This first video is of my wife Mandy using the Pull Cord Buddy.

Mandy has not been able to use a standard pull cord for many years due to a shoulder injury.
This video demonstrates how easy it is now for Mandy to start even a challenging engine.
The second part shows the Pull Cord Buddy starting a single stage snow blower.

Is the Pull Cord Buddy right for you?
Watch this video to make sure the Pull Cord Buddy will fit onto your lawn mower or single stage snow blower. 
Please watch closely as I explain the pulling distance required and that you have a place available on your handle bars to mount the Pull Cord Buddy.

Get your Pull Cord Buddy here!